Golfing is a rich man’s sport

Golf is thought to be a rich man’s sport, and I can see why – the clubs are expensive, balls aren’t cheap, and you have to pay fees just to even play the game! By the time you’re on the first tee box, you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars! Thankfully most golf courses have enough amenities to make you feel as if you’re getting something for your money! The country club I usually play at is equipped with all kinds of amenities that we get plenty of use from, such as free balls for the driving range and complimentary breakfast. Those are nice perks and all, but the best perk of all is the air conditioned restrooms placed along the entire course! If you’ve never played golf on a hot July morning in the South, be glad – it gets incredibly hot and humid within an hour or two of the sun rising up. When you’re pouring sweat into your polo shirt, being able to make a pit stop in a chilled restroom can make all the difference to help keep you cool and comfortable as you play. My dad and I regularly go to this course and play the full course, but we would barely make it halfway through if the air conditioned restrooms weren’t available! These restrooms aren’t just open to the fresh air and occasional breeze either. Each one of these standalone restrooms has a ductless mini-split air conditioning system that keeps the structure cool and comfortable over the summer! I’ve heard these ductless mini-split systems are highly energy efficient compared to conventional air conditioning systems, so it makes sense that the course would utilize them to reduce energy usage. Plus, these units are equipped with heating functions too, so playing an early game in the winter can be made tolerable by warming up in the restroom every few holes. No wonder golf is a rich man’s sport – they need the money to pay for these luxurious amenities!

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