I needed to check on the system

I have been looking for a current job lately because I easily don’t appreciate our current job. I task at a fast food restaurant plus I guess it is time that I trans athletic activity on to something else. I easily appreciate the people I task with, but I don’t find the task interesting at all. I saw a posting on a job board that a local grocery store was looking for people to task in their warehouse. I thought this would be a relaxing opportunity plus the pay was higher than I was making now. So I applied plus I got the job instantly. They said I would be easily working in the freezer of the warehouse, however they would provide me with the respected gear to wear while the two of us were in our shifts. On our first day I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect that it would be quite as freezing as it was. I was freezing the whole time even with the moderate gear they provided me. The worst area was the breakroom room was almost as freezing as the freezer, it was appreciate they had the a/c blasting throughout the warehouse. However, after talking with some of our coworkers I l acquired this was not the case. In other sections of the warehome they didn’t even turn on the a/c. They said it felt appreciate the heating system was turned on plus it was the middle of the summer. It sounds appreciate our current supervisor needs to get these Heating plus Air Conditioning issues under control or they are going to have some unhappy employees.

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