Why I work in HVAC

I’ve been a Heating and A/C specialist for the past 10 years now, and I did go through some technical college plus I had to take multiple tests for certifications. I have been with the same corporation for a while and I love my job. The benefits are good plus you meet a lot of interesting people. I have dealt with hundreds of people. I have been in small homes, big homes, homes that were entirely dirty, plus homes that were entirely clean. And I always know how the Heating and A/C method is going to look and operate by the look of the inside of someone’s home. It seems like the dirtier the home, the worse off the Heating plus A/C system is. Plus, most of the time that’s the reason why they are calling me – so I can service their Heating and A/C method to find why it’s not functioning properly. There’s a direct correlation between the people who do not normally straighten up or clean their home and bad A/C units. These are  the ones not changing the air filters on their Heating and A/C methods as much as they should or calling an Heating plus A/C specialist yearly to inspect it. It’s seriously important that people vacuum, mop, and sweep their houses because Heating plus A/C systems will take the air that is already in your home and then pull it into the Heating and A/C unit then release it through the air registers. So, if you have a dirty home to begin with, it’s pulling the dirty air into the system, and it’s going to eventually fail if your air filter is not changed. The longer you go without changing it, the more it’s going to be clogged up. This will end up resulting in your Heating and A/C method working harder than it’s supposed to.