I prefer the charm

I was listening to the stereo, and they were running a contest. The grand prize was a kitchen makeover worth $7,000. I looked at our new refrigerator, and I knew the price I had paid for that.  They were showing a complete kitchen makeover, including window treatments, wall treatments, new lodgeetry, flooring plus appliances. My refrigerator costs half of the $7000 so I was pretty sure it was going to be a lot more than that. Don’t get me wrong, I did put in our bid on that prize, because that would save me a lot of cash. We are planning on installing new lodgeetry and doing a complete makeover of our kitchen. The thing is that I have already been going through magazines and I have been online. I know the exact makeover I want to do in our kitchen. I really like the rural charm of the Tuscan Beauty. I dig the way the hook is over the stove. There is an island that can be used for prep work, and it is set up to seat up to 6 people. I’m sure if mine were bigger, I could get a bigger island. Everything is so small, and since I cook a lot, i’d be running all over the place like a maniac! This would be just to find my spices and herbs. My husband cringed at the price. Regardless that it was practical and nice. I’m thinking about doing the bathroom, but I won’t tell him that anytime soon!

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