I really am trying my best

Growing up, my parents strived to make sure we were happy kids. We all made sure to have what was needed to get through life, but we called a lot of things luxuries that others called rights. All of us shared our toys as well as had many hand-me-down clothes from our older cousins. All of us didn’t mind most of the time, but it bothered myself and others when the summer came. See, we didn’t have typical central cooling systems like all our friends did, and instead we had window air conditioning units in our bedrooms. These kept our rooms absolutely cool and comfy at night, and it helped to make sure we got some shut-eye. Still, it didn’t help us during the day – we all were in the common room playing during the day, or playing outside in the hot summer weather before thunderstorms rolled through. When we were outside, I would be dying from the heat. Meanwhile, It felt as though the common room trapped heat to create a sauna. It made me nauseated from how hot I was! I used to try to hide in my own bedroom, blasting the a/c to find some relief. Dad would get so worried about me, and try to encourage me to go outside and enjoy the summer with my friends in the neighborhood. I wanted nothing to do with it! I just wanted to relax in the cool air. My parents never understood why I felt this way, but I just couldn’t rest during the summer! When I moved out of my parents’ house, the first thing I did was invest in central cooling in my new house, as well as a service plan to keep my A/C steadily blowing chilled air. I didn’t want to relive my childhood anytime soon!

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