Proactive HVAC maintenance and smart thermostat simplifies hectic life –

I am a single mom with a full-time job, four kids involved in extracurricular activities, two dogs and a cat.  Trying to keep up with the demands of our schedule is a challenge. We often leave the house first thing in the morning, and don’t get back  until after dark. We typically eat our dinner in the car, out of bags, and sleep is precious. It’s nearly impossible to manage household upkeep.  There’s rarely any food in the refrigerator, and the laundry piles up until we run out of clean clothes. I forget to mow the lawn, change the filter in the HVAC system, and return library books. I definitely can’t afford the disruption and cost of a malfunction with any of the appliances in the home.  Because of this, I’ve enrolled in a proactive maintenance contract with a local HVAC professional. They call and remind me when it’s time to schedule service in the spring and fall. A licensed technician comes to the house and troubleshoots the furnace and air conditioner. He removes any buildup of contaminants within the system, tightens connections, lubricates moving parts and replaces any faulty components.  This service promotes superior safety, energy efficiency, reliability and system longevity. I recently complained to the technician about my hectic life and how hard it is to remember to adjust the thermostat and replace air filters. He immediately recommended that I upgrade to a smart thermostat. Although the smart thermostat was rather expensive, it was a worthwhile investment. I am now able to access the heating and cooling equipment from anywhere I happen to be.  I can adjust temperature to conserve energy while the house is empty, and make sure we come home to perfect comfort. Plus, the thermostat sends me a reminder when it’s time to take care of the air filter.

HVAC care plan