I spent a few years on the road

We were both nervous but incredibly excited. A few weeks before, I met her at a coffee shop and things just seemed to click. The air conditioner was cold and we had so much in common. We loved sports, the arts and eating good seafood. The day of our date had been a hot one; we were in the middle of a heat wave and even our nights were uncomfortably warm and humid. Still, I had to look good for the symphony. I got home, ran my thermostat down and blasted my HVAC system to stay cool. I had work to do. To my chagrin, I realized my roommate had borrowed my nice gray suit and had yet to get it dry cleaned. That wasn’t going to work, but I still needed to look nice enough to impress her and fit in at the symphony. The only other suit I had was made of wool. “It’s ok.” I convinced myself, “We’ll be indoors practically the entire night.” Unfortunately, when we got to my favorite seafood restaurant the hostess informed us that the air conditioner had just gone out and the place was steamy inside. Still, there wasn’t a wait and we were on a strict timeline, so I decided to eat there anyway. Boy was that a mistake. Between the wool suit and the lack of A/C I worked up a sweat until I was drenched and reeking of body odor. At the concert hall it was cool and their HVAC was working just fine, but by that time it was too late. The damage had been done. About halfway through the first movement she asked if I wouldn’t mind scooting over a chair so that she didn’t have to smell me. I reluctantly obliged and knew my chances with her were through. The broken air conditioner had done me in and I knew there would be no second date.

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