I think it’s time to leave

I’ve been residing in this cabin for the last 10 months… During the Wintertime around here, I used the gas furnace in the cabin plus it worked perfectly to effectively keep the place warm. I never had an issue with it. Once the outdoor temp started to warm up, I turned on the a/c method using the temperature control which was in the apartment, plus also didn’t have any problems with it…until right now. It’s currently over 90 degrees outside plus I’ve found that the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment just stopped now working. Again. The blower pushes out super warm air. It’s more like a fan instead of an air conditioning system plus of course our cabin is super hot. I am literally melting here. So, I went and turned the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning method off for myself, plus waited a couple minutes while I went out for groceries. Whenever I got back, I turned the a/c method back on plus boom! It worked perfectly. So, I thought everything apparently had been fine, however then the next afternoon once the un-even temperatures even got up into the upper 90s, the air conditioner died on me again! I waited more than 2 minutes plus turned it back on for the final time plus it worked just fine; 100% no problems with it for the rest of the long and humid afternoon plus night. It’s almost seeming as though a fuse blows when un-even temperatures get over a certain point. Though I certainly know that’s not the issue. I tried calling a few Heating plus Air Conditioning workers in town, however they all suppose I’m crazy. I guess I’ll just leave our cabin during the hottest times of the afternoon.

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