I told him it was alright

The other morning when I got to the apartment from work, I went right into an really overheated house! That’s when my lovely wife came to explain for me what had happened… She explained how our child was playing with the temp control and for a crazy reason, ripped it off the wall mount and broke it!  When I went to speak to her about it, she was close to crying because her mom gave her a hard time about it, I floated her a hug to let her suppose that I loved her. She asked me could I love her when she wrecked the temperature control thing from the wall? I told her it was only a material thing and it could be upgraded. I explained that the momma was just worried for it could be high-priced to repair it, however that didn’t concern us, as long as my girl was okay. I asked her why it happened and she said it looked just like a fun toy plus she wanted to feel it in her hands, so she yanked it from the wall. She said she didn’t suppose there were wires connected inside until she pulled it off the wall and it scared her; That’s when the air system quit in the house and she didn’t understand what was going on, then her momma started yelling. I stated plainly that it was so not a toy plus it is actually super dangerous to do what she did. The wires sometimes have sparked and caused fires. I told her that each one of us just needed her to be safe, and that everyone in this family loved her no matter what. She actually started to smile when I told her. I just said to her to be sure not ever to play with the new temperature control we would have installed. I revealed excitedly that we might very well get a smart temperature control! She seemed pleased and relieved too and she even asked all about it.

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