Installing a new furnace

I am so glad that I’m a detail oriented person. I constantly check as well as double check everything in my life, and it saves me a lot of trouble in the end. That’s how I saved myself the complication of ending up with an uncomfortable job a few weeks ago. I’ve been searching for a new job for a while, so I really wasn’t in a great position to be choosy about my work. Yet, there are things I can’t compromise on, and one of those points is the air quality of my future office.

            In past jobs, I dealt with uneven indoor temperatures, drafty corners of the office, as well as unreliable heating systems for numerous years. It seemed like every place I tried to work had some sort of major control equipment issue, or else management was incapable of setting appropriate temperature control programming! Probably it was poorly run tests on heating as well as cooling equipment that lead to the unpredictable air quality – I don’t know. The only thing I can tell you for sure, is that I’ve wasted years of my life in freezing cold, covered in goosebumps on a weekly basis, while trying to job productively. That’s why I knew this job application wasn’t even worth completing!

              I had applied for this position as a joke and was startled when I got a call back. When I went to double check the job particularations, I noticed that there was one small line in the job description which was concerning. “Must be prepared to work in temperatures below 50 degrees”. At that point, I knew there was no chance.  

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