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I am so lucky that we want to live in the neighborhood that I do. You see, I live in a city where there are many diverse areas to choose from. Each one of these smaller neighborhoods have a distinct feel and it adds a cool feel to the city itself. There are also extremely unusual traffic patterns and attractions in each area, really, the diversity can be staggering. I personally prefer this city on the edge of the big city. Living in a small suburb of the main city affords us opportunities too that we would not normally have, we have the availability to purchase large houses. Because the area is quaint and away from downtown, we can get a lot more house for our money. It also gives me the opportunity to add things like a home office and possibly work from home.  This would make living where I do even better. These neighborhoods are like small communities on their own. We have local grocery stores, libraries, and even family owned businesses like the HVAc dealer just down the road. Our biggest issue that we faced when we bought our home was the fact that we needed a new HVAC system. That is when I met the local HVAC dealer and found out how helpful they were. They even made recommendations as to how we could improve the house and save more money on our heating and cooling bills. It is great to deal with people that you are comfortable with and you trust and I wouldn’t give that us for anything.

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