Keep your socks on

I am so lucky that we want to live in this particular part of town. You see, we live in a major city where there are many diverse neighborhoods to choose from. Each one of these smaller regions has a distinct feel to the village, and there are also drastically different traffic patterns and attractions present in each neighborhood. Really, the diversity can be staggering. We personally love this town on the edge of the city, which means one particularly amazing thing for us; availability of big houses. Because the neighborhood is quaint and distant from downtown, we can get a lot of home for our buck. That’s why I’m happily planning the establishment of my new workshop in our massive new house! The space is present, but the one thing that’s missing is modern air temperature control. You see, I’m going to commandeer the basement as my new workshop, which means we need more air quality control measures in place. Currently the room is not linked to any central heating or cooling. Luckily, it’s not a huge expense to install a few pieces of HVAC equipment because it’s an inherently cool space and we live in the hot south. I actually won’t need any sort of modern central cooling or even an AC window unit in order to work all summer long. The thing I have to worry about is pumping some heat into the underground workspace during the chilly winters, and that can be easily accomplished with a few cheap space heaters. I also want to invest in a dehumidifying system so my work doesn’t get too moist and produce mold growth. It will cost a little money to get my space up to par, however, these small HVAC investments are minimal, especially compared to the cost of living in any other part of town!

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