I was very proud

      When our boy was born, he was premature by 3 months.  My boy was in the Nicu for a little over a month, before the doctor at the hospital would allow us to bring our baby home. Tyler is 7 now, and he is our bundle of joy. Tyler is funny, smart, and sensitive. However, over the last few weeks, Tyler has been acquiring some severe allergies, and now that the weather is warmer, all of the trees plus flowers are in full bloom. Tyler is constantly sneezing, and coughing and his eyes are always red, irritated,  and swollen. And because my baby boy was so miserable he has trouble sleeping all night long. The doctor ordered a couple of things for us to do to help with Tyler’s allergies. The very first thing I did was buy unique air filters for the central HVAC system. Theses unique air filters are made particularly for allergy and flu symptom sufferers. They have a very narrow network of fibers to remove more allergens, bacteria, plus air pollutants. I also made the decision to purchase a small portable air purifier to keep in Tyler’s room. The portable air purifier runs all through the day and all night, plus I keep the bedroom door closed at all times to keep out allergens. When Tyler is having a terrible allergen attack, the bedroom is our safe zone. The portable air purifier was a big addition to his bedroom, it’s quiet, it’s efficient, and it uses very little electric.  And until Tyler grows out of all these allergies, I am going to monitor our indoor air conditions very closely. If his health worsens, I may have to admit needing an air purifier for the whole house. They can be expensive to install, however, a whole lake house portable air purifier would alleviate even more allergens from the house.

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