Fireplace vs. furnace

I was watching a television show the other night.  There was an entire family sleeping out in the woods.  They spread a blanket on the ground and it was where they lived for over two months while the father built their house.  They were all so thrilled to finally walk into a home that looks like a barn would look today. They climbed a ladder to get into their loft room.  There was a gorgeous fireplace that I would have loved to have in my living room. I’m not sure I could survive back then. Bathing in a cold creek, sleeping on the ground, with just a fire in a pit, to keep me warm and give me heating.  I love having a small wood stove in my house, in the case of emergencies. We live on top of a mountain and without that wood stove, during the winter, we would be in trouble. When the wind blows, we lose our power. Without the power, we don’t have a furnace for our heating.  The wood stove is able to give us really good heat, and it flows back the hallway to give us heating in the bedrooms. We don’t grouse when we lose our furnace, because of the wood stove. We also know that the power will come back on, eventually, and our furnace will be working again.  Those people, sleeping in the woods, didn’t have a furnace to look forward to, but they did have a fireplace to go into the home for. The fireplace had to give that tiny cabin a really nice amount of heat.

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