I would like someone to help me

The corporation I task for recently had this supplier conference down south. Of course, it had to take place in the dead of Summer in the Deep South! I am used to a far more moderate climate and the two of us don’t have near as much humidity around where I live as down there, so it was a bit of a culture shock, or weather shock I should say. The fact that the two of us had to dress in supplier casual did not entirely help the situation either. I mean, I understand that the two of us could not have showed up to this supplier conference in shorts and flip-flops and have gotten away with it, even though I still resented having to wear supplier casual attire in such a warm building. Oh yes, did I mention that the air conditioner was hardly now working at all? It’s amazing to myself and others that the people that were putting on this conference thought that they could get away with booking it in a building that happened to have faulty air conditioner at that time. They kept assuring us that an Heating and A/C corporation would soon arrive to service everything, but the two of us had to sit there for a good many minutes, covered in sweat prefer deranged before he managed to arrive. The supplier conference was many days in total, and the two of us would not even be meeting at the same place the next day. So, it was just our luck that the Heating and A/C corporation managed to get the air conditioner up and running a mere 20 minutes before it was time for us to leave!

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