I would love some new parts

The last time I called for HVAC repair, I didn’t expect I would do what I had to. When the HVAC serviceman was looking over everything, he said that the HVAC unit repair needed would be a little bit more expensive. To be fair, it was an old HVAC unit pushing 20 years, but it was reliable for such a long time. The HVAC serviceman was telling me that he needed particular parts to be replaced that were going to be a bit expensive. I just told him whatever it takes, and we would be happy with the repair. He proceeded to tell me that I could actually purchase a new HVAC unit that was way more energy efficient for only a little more money than what it would cost me to repair our old HVAC system. When he told me this, I was a little bit shocked. He was telling me that because our unit was so old they didn’t even make the parts that I needed anymore. They were a lot more expensive because they were difficult to get a hold of, that’s why the repair would cost so much. He said the unit would run like a champ after the repair, but it would just cost a good deal of money, and why not just go for the upgrade? After talking with him about it, I felt he made some fantastic points and I decided to go for the upgrade! We weren’t disappointed with our new HVAC system! Our HVAC serviceman even gave us a free smart thermostat upgrade for going with the new system, and that sweetened the deal!

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