I am struggling to understand

I’m staying in a school dorm this week for the first time in years; I’m helping chaperone a session of Bible Camp for a large group of youngsters for 5 whole afternoons. It also feels love the humidity is about 90 percent. The kids seem to be handling it better than the chaperones; Adults do savor their air conditioning, and I am no exception. At the moment, the youngsters are all running around outside, but I believe it feels like a furnace out there. I am in the dorm room with the electric fan blasting right in my face and the central a/c coming out through the ceiling vents. But I’m still way too hot! I believe I packed all the wrong clothes, too; Everything in the suitcase looks like it’s going to make myself and others sweat. I wasn’t honestly thinking about the heating and air conditioning situation around here when I packed. The wacko temperatures outside have thrown myself and others for a loop, since I have to walk around this campus to get anywhere I need to be to chaperone the kids. I’m getting a poor feeling that the a/c’s around here are not going to be able to keep up with the demand that all of us are going to be putting on the HVAC system. I’ve already turned the temperature control thermostat in our room down as far as it will go and I guess the event team will be setting the temperature control thermostat in the main meeting areas to super frigid cold too. I just hope that it works. There’s nothing worse than being crammed into a tepid hot room with a bunch of other tepid hot people! Wow!

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