I’d love a better A/C unit

My good buddy wears pants everyday no matter what. I moved down south last year and I am experiencing my very first Summer in the heat, however the heat is intense and everyday. There are no chilly nights, soft breezes or even freezing rain. The Summers are in the 68-90s and the humidity is intense. Anytime I go outside I have a wet butt, boobs and armpits. I sweat just sitting around. My good buddy is always in a pair of pants. She enjoys to do yard work on an 68 degree morning wearing pants, but her boyfriend occasionally comes over to mow the front lawn and he wears a sweatshirt. What is up with these people? Do they have such intense A/C inside their home that the outdoor heat feels good? Maybe they are naturally freezing blooded and they don’t even own a/c. It is not just when yard work is going on either. My friend will leave the home for groceries, a mall trip or just walk around outside in full pants. How is she not dying and covered in sweat buckets? Anytime I am outside I am in a full swimsuit. Inside I have my air conditioner set as low as 68 degrees. My cooling plan can’t even handle the heat it is so intense; Usually my home temperature buddy drops to around 68 degrees. Anything will help though. I really would like to think what my friend sets her thermostat too; Either 50 or 90 degrees, and neither temperature would certainly shocks me. She is so odd with her outfits. I wonder if I will get where an 68 degree morning feels freezing in my humble opinion. I can’t even imagine it.

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