I’d love a cooling unit

My own furnace finally died on me. I new it was coming and was not surprised. I was happy to see it go. I dreaded my propane gas furnace. It was super old, dented and it made horrible noises. The HVAC company also charged me a lot money with each tune up and servicing the heating system. We dreaded the upcoming and expensive home heating system repair. I am excited to look and shop around for a different heating system. I know I do not want another furnace. I need something energy efficient with low maintenance. I wondered if there was anything out there? Gas heaters are often a fire and safety risk. If not serviced properly carbon monoxide or sparks can cause a fire and burn the house down. I looked into a boiler system nonetheless, but they are so expensive. A standard gas boiler system is about $4,000. I am not prepared for the type of cost. A heating pump system doesn’t have the heating capabilities we need. I live in too cold of a climate for it. I then found what I believe the perfect fit for me and my family. Heating Flooring. I whispered it over and over again. I could envision myself walking across the floor barefoot. Feeling the heat warm my feet! I fell in love with the concept.  I want to have radiant flooring in my house. Researching and discussing it with my family. I came across an article about how energy efficient and how much money we could save by installing heated floors. The heat does not rise to one’s own ceilings and does not waste energy. Additionally, you don’t have dust ruining your air quality. The heat is beneath the floorboards. It requires little heating service and you can install the floors yourself. Although I would have a professional heating and flooring technician do it.

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