I’d really like some better weather

I have lived on the west coast for a good portion of my life. I grew up here, graduated from college, have friends and family, and work here. After working my way up in the field and making a name for myself, I have been given a well deserved position with a firm on the east coast. The main requirement is to move across the country to fulfill this new position, which I have no problem doing. It would actually get our name on the map in our industry and set me up for better opportunities down the road. I’m not thrilled to move out to the east coast despite the fact that I know I will be able to adjust once I settle in. I’ve heard that the people on that side of the country have a reputation for being stuck up but I feel like that is something you run into everywhere. The weather will really be the ruffest thing to get used to. It can get pretty cold during the middle of winter over there, which is something I don’t deal with where I am. The cold months will be difficult to transition in to. The idea of having to use an oil furnace to keep warm and staying indoors is not what I consider a good time. I know it won’t be that way all the time, but it having a good oil furnace will be extremely important. I will have to make sure to get an apartment with a great Heating and A/C plan installed including both a oil furnace and a/c.

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