Ill off my air quality

When the weather changes, the air quality will affect me health wise. If the weather changes from an actually hot day to an actually freezing day, I am done for. With one freezing evening in the Summer or a hasty heat wave in Winter, I can expect to get a cold. Even if I change my thermostat setting to how I like the Heating & A/C, it doesn’t help. I cannot combat a cold that is upcoming. I will then usually get sick for a week. I have a headache, runny nose, plus I sneeze all of the time. Regardless, the air quality sickness is entirely worse though. I have bought every air quality product I can to be healthy, and so my beach apartment is now not the problem. When I go to a store, I will get sick. In the Winter, everyone just runs their oil furnaces. However, I need my furnace to have a humidifier built right into it. If there is no moisture in the air quality, I dry right out. In the Summer, I also need a dehumidifier in the AC system. This stops mold from forming in the AC plus then being blown in the air quality. Honestly though, I could give many stores an air cleaner… Because an air purifications system removes dust, pollutants, and even smells from the air quality, it keeps the air fresh plus clean. I need this in order to not get sick… Because not many stores, in the spring, use this device, I usually end up with a cold when I go out on the town. The air quality is too dusty plus full of germs for me.

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