I’m finally starting to understand

Two of our roommates work at a testing laboratory that’s quickly becoming a flourishing industry! This corporation has managed to buy out entire hospitals and districts all in an effort to grow, and it’s also a fantastic place to work. Their starting pay is great, and they offer a lot of possibilities to move up the corporate ladder for anyone who is willing to learn. All you have to do is go to extra meetings and pass current certification tests to be cleared to work in additional areas of the lab. Their dress code is even pretty relaxed; you don’t need to wear a suit to work there at all. The only rule is that you can’t have any skin showing, so if you wear a dress, then you must have on tights or leggings underneath. Some employees don’t wear cardigans or jackets because everyone has to wear their white lab coats regardless. Nevertheless, depending on what lab you work in, you may want to dress very warm. The more sensitive the tests are, the colder the temperature control has to be. The drug testing wing is usually pretty comfortable, however a one of our roommates complains that going into the virus testing area is always a nightmare because it’s painfully cold. The building HVAC machine must be very advanced to deal with all of the variables. He swears that wing is below 60 degrees, which is terrible for him because he has to deliver all of the samples for testing. So unlike the lab workers who can bundle up and get used to the cold, he’s always moving from one A/C temperature to the next.

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