Putting together all the facts

Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m either one of two things. I’m either freezing in there because the temperatures are hot outside and they have the air conditioning turned way up, or I’m burning up in there. They turn the thermostat temperature through the proverbial roof when the outside temperatures are cold. And let me tell you, the furnace that they have in the little grocery store that I frequently shop at really works. I don’t know what brand of furnace it is, or even if it’s electric or a gas furnace or even a heat pump. All I know is that when it is cold weather outside, the management of the grocery store doesn’t mess around. They turn their furnace on full blast and the store is burning hot. You wouldn’t believe how much heated air comes blasted through the air vents in that store on a cold winter day. I don’t see how they keep their frozen and refrigerated sections cooled enough when they have the furnace running! It’s the same thing on the opposite side when the weather outside is very hot. They blast the A/C like they are trying to rival an arctic winter blast. During the summer when I go shopping in there, I actually have to take a sweater to wear while I’m walking around the store to get my shopping done! Otherwise, I’d be turned into a popsicle by the overactive air conditioning before I ever even get to the checkout line. I think they could really benefit from a programmable thermostat in there.

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