I’m fine with the breeze

I am an author first and foremost. I write novels about diverse characters who kick butt and take on challenges most of us never will. I love what I do, and while publishing is actually a growing industry, being an author in it is not. Less than one percent of writers are full time authors–writers who support themselves fully through their published works–and it gets harder every year. So on the side, I work as a freelance editor and do a lot of gigging writing technical documents for science and technology. Recently, I took a job within the HVAC industry, and I am so glad I did. I never really thought it before, as I don’t even have air conditioning, but HVAC companies are going to be forever growing. Unlike other industries in this world that go out of vogue and are subject to become out of date, HVAC suppliers are constantly inventing new technology and advancing themselves. I didn’t even know hydronic heaters were a thing when I was growing up; now I know that this is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home today. Working for an HVAC supplier gives me the flexibility and freedom I want, with the stability I need to keep paying the bills in between book releases. Now I can travel to conventions and network as an author, all while keeping a roof over my head with a stable job. I never thought I would care about HVAC technology, but I am happy to educate myself on whatever I need to because I love this job!

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