I’m glad the weather is mild

The last few nights the A/C has been on so high that during the night I wake up shivering. At first I thought it was a fluke. My husband and I just got central A/C a few months ago. We updated our whole HVAC system, in fact. Since then, we haven’t used it much until last week when the temperature skyrocketed where we live. We were ready with the A/C, and the first few uses had a certain amount of novelty, but then we got into a pattern and things were pretty much back to normal. Then, this week began, and every night I have had to wake up and adjust the temperature in the house. I was noticing the A/C was set way too low. Last night, after three nights of waking up freezing cold, I decided to play with the thermostat and re-adjust the set temperature before bed so that I didn’t wake up during the night. It didn’t help, somehow… I still woke up freezing, and the thermostat was set to the same absurdly low temperature again! I feel like there’s a conspiracy or something going on! How does this keep happening! I think tonight, what I’ll do is stay awake a little longer than normal. I want to see if my husband is setting the thermostat purposely that low. If I rule that out, then I think I’m going to have to call the HVAC company that installed the system for us. Obviously if it is just doing this on its own something is wrong.

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