Installing a new filter

When my brother’s family was over at my place for dinner a few weeks back, we had a mini crisis. His son started having a bad allergy attack and had to be rushed to the hospital! Thankfully, it wasn’t anything serious. But my brother said it was because we didn’t have an air purification system in our home. So in light of this situation,  I decided to contact my local HVAC supplier and I had them install the nicest air purification system they had! Next time when my brother’s family came over to our house for dinner, they all had such a great time… His son was undoubtedly satisfied with the difference in our air quality. He even said that our air quality was better than theirs back home! I was undoubtedly happy about that statement, and it made my brother flush a little red! Could he be jealous that maybe we now had better air quality than he did now? Knowing how my bro is, he’s really going to call his HVAC supplier first thing and ask for the best air purification system on the market to compete with me, because he needed an replace. Sure enough, the next time my family and I went to eat at my brother’s household, his son explained excitedly that they recently had a new air purification system installed! Go figure! Just as I thought! How do ya like that?

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