I’m hearing a lot of complaints

My fiance and I just made a very big mistake. I knew it was going to be bad from the start, but it’s proven to be even worse than I ever could have imagined. We got a puppy. I personally was against it from the start because I already definitely was aware of how much job they are. Every one of us also have an older pet at home who I had before I met my fiance. I keep having to deal with the new, untrained puppy at evening because I job during the day and my fiance has the exact opposite schedule, so he is on duty during the day. At evenings in our area the temperature drops so low, even though technically it’s Springtime, that I come back in from letting the puppy outside for a few minutes and I’m frozen stiff. I’ve started turning the heating system on each time during the evening because of it. Well, I also forget to turn it off again, and then I notice that temperature during the day has been getting well into the mid eighties. My fiance keeps reminding myself and others to quickly turn off the HVAC before I leave in the day, but I’m so thoroughly exhausted from getting up 5 times during the evening to let the pet out that I have remaining no presence of mind for something savor that, and I forget. Then I’m in big trouble, like I’m the one that peed on the rug! I suppose it’s money all of us really shouldn’t be wasting, but I keep telling my guy that the alternative to turning the heat on is that I will get rid of the puppy.

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