Shivering due to no heating

Our oldest daughter, Sarah, just turned eighteen and was recently hired part time at our local bank. She seems to really enjoy working there. She is honestly great with numbers, and I’ve always known since she was a little girl that she was a people person. Sarah could talk your ear off if you let her, but she is also a great listener. Many people confide in her because of how trusting and kind she is. This makes her a great teller. Just about every person that talks with her leaves with a smile on their face. For her, the most difficult part of her job is coping with the temperature in the bank. She has always been a thin, petite little thing, and she doesn’t do well with cold temperatures. For some reason, the bank is always cold. Even when I walk in, I think it’s a bit too cold, and I typically prefer the house much colder than the rest of my family. Poor Sarah comes home every day shivering, wearing a sweater and a thin coat. Last time I stopped to visit her to bring her the sweater she had forgotten, she literally had goosebumps from head to toe. Last month, she was sick for almost three weeks, and I think it was because of how cold she was every day at work. Because the manager adores Sarah, he offered to raise the temperature in the bank just to make her more comfortable. I hope the higher temperatures will help her enjoy her job even more and help her to stay healthy.

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