I’m in the HVAC industry

One of the greater challenges I’ve run into as a salesman is trying to convince people to take you at your word… Thankfully, I’m in an industry where the products speak for themselves. That industry, of course, is the heating, ventilation as well as the air conditioning industry. It’s never a dull moment when I can show shoppers at all these expos all about the newest in Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology, as they consistently seem the most happy by these current appliances as well as systems! When radiant floor heating really began to take off, I was able to convince hundreds and even thousands of people to join the craze as well as go and install radiant heating systems throughout the floors of their home. The same can be said for the ductless mini-split heating as well as a/c, as it was the perfect in-between for people who wanted the convenient size of a window-mounted cooling system unit, with an output that was similar to a full-sized central HVAC system, then still, numerous people will question myself and others on the job when I advise then and show them an identifiable model for a ductless mini-split system, plus abruptly fact-check what I’m saying against what is being said online. To be totally and utterly honest, I’m not too worried about what my potential or official shoppers have to say about my suggestions, because as I said – the HVAC component speaks for itself, and anyone who’s experienced the comfort (and energy savings) of a radiant heating system knows exactly what I mean!