Living with just a fireplace

It was a great challenge for me to get through this past winter. It wasn’t because of the holidays taking a toll on my budget for the past few weeks, nor was it due to the biting cold making me want to stay indoors all day either. No, this past Winter was rough because I went through the entire season using only a fireplace to stay warm! See, over the Summer I had this bright idea to install radiant floors in my home. I wanted to switch to a more efficient heating plan for my house. As well as, I certainly wanted a heating plan that wouldn’t leave me feeling perpetually boiling in my home. I also didn’t want a heating plan that would make my entire loft seem as if it was dry, as if all the humidity was being evaporated out of my home; so forth, I worked with a Heating and A/C contracting firm to get the plans together as well as begin laying down the radiant floors heating plan throughout my home. Unfortunately for me, the process proved to take much longer than expected, as I kept hitting snags in the installation! At one point, I had to stop laying down the heating cables for the radiant floors because I discovered a major infestation of cockroaches in a corner of my house! It was unreal, seeing so many of these sizable nasty bugs in one site, then the infestation proved to be so serious that the loft had to be fumigated, which was no fun at all. That’s why I spent most of my Winter with a friend at their house, where they only had a fireplace to give warmth through the cold Winter weather. Some of us have all the luck, and I don’t think it is me.

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