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Last year, my family and I experienced the single coldest Winter we ever had in the state! It was just our luck too, that the group of us also experienced the single longest power outage as a result of the countless snowstorms. Unfortunately, the power outage completely knocked our heating and a/c equipment off the grid, forcing us to get some assistance in repairing the system. After we called the local Heating & Air Conditioning company to give us a heating tune up, we prayed for a rapid response, as it was essential to remain warm in this terrible weather. Luckily, the Heating & Air Conditioning professional arrived fairly fast, and tune-up didn’t cost us a whole lot of cash. They were able to work to get the system back on, all without too much time or expense incurred.  It was just unfortunate that it occurred during the worst blizzard to hit our area in decades. The timing could not have been any worse! Still, at least my family was able to get our heating system back online within a few days. Despite the crummy situation we found ourselves in, we’re really more fortunate than some of our neighbors!

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