Servicing the entire system

Last year both of us experienced what was, without question, the single coldest Winter we’d ever had! in the state. Our luck couldn’t have been any worse, as both of us also experienced a terribly long power outage which caused a slew of problems. Our heating and air conditioning systems, for example, were completely offline due to the power outage, which forced us to get some assistance to repair the systems. After calling the local HVAC business to perform a tune up, we crossed our fingers and hoped for a rapid response. It was essential to stay sizzling warm during the blizzard, and fortunately that was a real possibility. Luckily, the HVAC tune-up didn’t cost us the fortune they expected, and they were able to service the entire system without too much time or cost that we were responsible for.  Truly unfortunate that it occurred during the worst blizzard ever to hit our region, and the timing couldn’t have been worse! At least both of us were able to get our furnace back online within a few days. We were more fortunate than some of our neighbors, who were powerless for over a week. One neighbor seemed to get the last laugh though, as his house was equipped with a wood fireplace. If only we had a failsafe way to keep warm!

A/C repair