I’m looking for something more simple

I became a realtor for one reason and one reason only. I wanted to be able to go into new houses, and people’s houses, and be able to see how they are furnished, without be hounded by a realtor. I used to love going by houses at night. Sometimes they had their drapes open and their lights would be on, and I was able to look in and see what kind of furniture they and, if it was elegant or plain. I sometimes saw a lot more than that, but I tried to ignore it. I was a bit disappointed when I got to into some of the elegant homes, where I expected to find the French Provincial Manor design, and it would be empty. I always felt this major letdown, like they had left the furniture out just to upset me. I was out with a group of realtors and they were showing us the homes in a new housing development. They told us that the next house was done in Paradise Valley Manor. I closed my eyes trying to conjure up what Paradise Valley Manor would look like, and I pictured simple but elegant. I thought homey, because it was Paradise Valley. It wasn’t really homey at all, and more showy than elegant. I was anxious to move on, but I did like the way the home was open and airy. I guess the Paradise Valley Manor vibe suited the space it was in. Maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t have to give my opinion or sell this house to anyone.

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