I’m shopping for a new furnace

Being half way through the Winter season,  a few mornings ago I woke up feeling like an ice cube. I realized that the furnace has stopped working, and of course, I  called a local furnace dealer right away because it’s starting to get icy cold outside, but after the visit of their oil furnace specialist, they told me that I should of  think of buying a new one! Well, I had bought this cabine last year using cash from an inheritance, but unfortunately there is no penny left for repairs. I am a PhD student and unable put the money together for a new one, I realized that my small cellar was a bit warmer than the rest of the house. I am a software programmer  and I have several servers in the spare room. I went in there a few moment ago, and could feel the heat generated by all the equipment keeping that room quite warm. In fact, it was in the almost 70F in that room despite without a furnace. So I did what any poor PhD student would do: I carried my TV, bed, in addition to dresser into mall cellar so that I could sleep and study there. Of course, this is not going to be a permanent fix, but that is a good one for now., I’ll be able to sleep without worry. I need to find money to pay for a new central heating system. I know I can beg my family for help, but they’re already concerned with me for not getting a good job and having chosen to going back to college instead.