We’re both stubborn people

My university is a bad place and the teens are now on strike.  Now, I am not talking about crappy cafeteria food, nor an awful athletics program, however our situation is much complicated than that. For the last few years, half of the university’s building  hasn’t had a reliable heating system during Winter season, and it’s only 50 degrees fahrenheit inside the classrooms on that side of the university during daytime. None of us can’t take it anymore. We have tried to strike as striking is a human right, but the principal threatened with calling the police on us if we ever decided to go on strike. He demanded that we respect authority better and the university never allowed strikes. It was a peaceful protest of course, and nobody didn’t do anything wrong. He claimed that he would fail all of us and make sure that none of us would graduate if we ever intended to go on strike again over the heating system in the university. I was infuriated, this is ridiculous. I keep contacting all of the local news agencies to get this unfair  situation public. I am also looking into hiring a lawyer or hopefully finding a one who will donate his time for the cause on behalf of the students! My friend’s mother is attorney said she will try to help as soon as she can. I’m so tense because of the cold inside my university. An adequate gas furnace is all what is needed after all, however that can’t possibly be too much of a request for inside of a university. All the students are going to get sick if they have to sit and cope with such cold classrooms daily. We won’t stop until this heating injustice is addressed. .

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