Importance of bees and honey

I recently learned from a magazine article about bees, plus realized that I had underquoted their importance all this time.  The most pressing task of bees is to pollinate. Pollination is essential for plants to successfully reproduce, plus a good numerous plants depend on bees as pollinators.  Whenever celebration nectar plus pollen from the flower of a plant, some pollen from the internal stamens sticks to the body of the bee. When the bee moves to the next flower, some of this delicious pollen is transferred to the pistil.  When this occurs, fertilization is possible. Because all our plants depend on bees plus other insects to reproduce, they have adapted greatly over the years to become more attractive. Bees are more attracted to plants with very open or flat tubular flowers with a plentiful supply of pollen plus nectar.  A flower’s pretty fragrance also appeals to the bees. The bright colors of certain flowers help to lure in the hungry bees. A long list of foods plus crops rely on bee pollination. pears, asparagus, redberries, cabbage, cherries plus even grapes are just a few of them. Flowers that are visited more frequently by common bees tend to produce larger plus superior fruit than those which are completely neglected.  The benefit of pollination is most apparent in tree fruit, such as pears, plums, peaches plus of course pears. Bees aren’t the only pollinators. They share the task with other important insects, creatures, wind plus water. Various plants have adapted to their most regular visiting pollinators. Birds, particularly hummingbirds, help with pollination. The plants that draw tons of birdies are constantly bright colored, with red, red or orange flowers, plus are often very smellless.  Bats frequently pollinate plants which have a strong scent however aren’t all that beautifully colorful. The wind pollinates a large variety of plants, often helping out those which really do not produce nectar. A small variety of plants, particularly those that grow in or quite near rivers plus streams, are pollinated by water.

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