Industrial grade ac

Last weekend my partner as well as I made the decision to mix it up as well as catch a movie downtown. Both of us don’t get out all that often, so the two of us were gleeful to go do something that the two of us don’t normally do. When we arrived to the theatre as well as picked out our seats, the two of us were told that the only seats left in the theatre were the ones in the far back. I have always liked to remain in the more distant seating, so I didn’t assume it would be an issue. What they didn’t tell us however, was that the seats were right next to the industrial grade air conditioner device. It was really loud as well as by the time the previews started playing, my partner as well as I could barely hear what was being said over the air conditioner device. Not only was it loud as well as annoying, however the cool air flowing out of the air conditioner device was making us feel as though we were about to turn into popsicles it was so freezing. Roughly halfway into the movie, I decided that enough was enough. I went up to the front desk as well as demanded to the supervisor that the air conditioner device be turned down. The supervisor couldn’t have been older than eighteen, as well as looked at me as though I was just another deranged woman. She told me that it was store policy to keep the air conditioner device running in all of the theatres during the working hours as well as there was nothing else she could do about the issue. Feeling entirely defeated, I walked back to the movie as well as told my partner the horrible news. I figured this trip was a fabulous idea, although I assume the two of us will just stick to having coffee and watching cable at our household.

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