The furnace in the living room

For the holiday season, my family & I planned to fly out to my parents’ household to spend time with them. We have always been a pretty close knit family, so when I moved down to the South for a job opportunity it was difficult not seeing them as often, however it is also hard because our kids love to spend time at their Grandparents’ household! On the drive up north to my parents’ house, everything was going fine. We were making pretty good time, & everyone was in fantastic spirits. Then suddenly, an unusual noise starts coming out of the heating device. It sounded as if the HVAC ducts were jammed, & before long the heating device stopped working entirely. We still had many hours of driving before the bunch of us reached my parents’ house, & driving without any official heating in the North is never a good idea. The mood hastily switched from glad to exasperated & cold. By the time the bunch of us reached my parents’ home the bunch of us all barely even said hello before the bunch of us ran inside to go & lay next to the big gas furnace in the family room. My dad had been telling me all week before the bunch of us set off to have a Heating & A/C device serviceman come over & patch up the old heating device, although I was stubborn & wanted to save some extra cash for the holidays. Now that I have had to have the entire device substituted since it broke down, I would have been better just fixing it up before. Maybe santa will leave a new heating device under the tree for us!

forced air heating