Inspecting our heater

This Winter has been something straight out of science fiction. It seems to be snowing every day, and the other day I went outside to snowblow my driveway – it took almost an hour to clear my car out! I was cheerful when I was done, because I couldn’t wait to get back inside to soak in the furnace heat. When I stepped inside my place, however, it was all frigid inside! I ran to the temperature control to make sure the heating was still on and running, but the temperature showed 55 degrees and it was still dropping! It was alarming as I couldn’t get the furnace to click back on, so I called up the Heating and A/C company and they gave it to me straight: Unless I went with emergency repairs, I couldn’t get it fixed until a week later when they had an available appointment. Well, there was no way I was going to last a week! I opted for the emergency repair visit, and was thankful that an Heating and A/C specialist was there within an hour to take care of my furnace! The emergency Heating and A/C service bill was… well, expensive! I couldn’t believe how much I had to pay for that repair, but it was either that or risk my life and my house. The pipes could have froze and subsequently burst, and that would have been a huge mess that I’d still be cleaning up. I have to admit that I learned a very important lesson that day: Never head into the Winter season without getting your Heating and A/C plan checked out! Well, unless you like paying a small fortune for emergency repairs.

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