Investors in the factory

When the investors first looked at this abandoned factory they were hesitant to put money into it; It had busted windows, old electric and plumbing, and also aspectus abatement.  The space would be developed to supply small companies a good production plant that they could lease instead of purchase. Owning a brick and mortar building means that you are responsible for taxes, maintenance, as well as a mortgage payment.  This means a significant investment to bring the space around is needed, the expenses would be recouped suddenly by collecting rental fees. They even planned on having a retail space for the companies to sell their product. Before they even started, they had contracts from numerous companies in the area.  Sometimes it just takes vision and lots of luck when trying to find the right solution to an issue. Developing a dealer friendly environment where startups and small industry can thrive can be truly successful. When leasing out the space you can ensure that your income will always cover any expenses and put money into your pocket too.  This trend is getting bigger nationwide as well as some of these office spaces are simply amazing. If you are on the side of the small dealer owner, check out your part to see what possibilities are available. Some even offer shared office spaces that will allow you to share cost if you only need the space part time. It can really be the most cost effective way to operate your place of business if you are not ready to have a building of your own.