First job of heated floors

Winter time just started today, but I’m already fed up with the cold! It’s been an unusually cold fall, and whenever that happens, Winter time is bound to be especially icy freezing! It’s a good thing I enrolled in an HVAC repair plan more than 2 years ago, because I put my HVAC through the ringer with each passing winter! This year though, I decided to take a new approach to try and supplement the heat provided by the HVAC unit in my home. I’d been trying to decide between radiant floor heating as a secondary heat source, or investing in more than 2 cove furnaces to install in high-traffic rooms alike the living room and study room, but the cove furnaces would run on electricity and needed to be hard-wired to the power grid and the radiant heating plan would be fine in any room that didn’t have carpet over the floors! Plus, the radiant heating plan could as well use hot water pipes in arena of electric heating cables, and that hot water could be provided by my boiler and HVAC unit. It was a no-brainer – I decided to go and get radiant heated floors installed in the entire first floor of my house, and I haven’t had heating concerns ever since then! Now, if only there was a way for me to ensure that my workplace has the same high-powered approach to heating the building, however maybe after that I wouldn’t be so hesitant to go work in a very cold office!

heated floors