It’s down right cold

I have always enjoyed going out to dinner with my friends.  Since we are all married now, we don’t have much time to get together.  We try to make it a point to go out for drinks, dinner, or just get together for lunch, at least once a month.  Last month, we went out for lunch and then we went to the little ice cream shop around the corner, that had just opened.  They had a huge marble slab in the middle of the counter, where they mixed all of the flavorings into the ice cream, as you ordered it.  It was such a cool idea. Then you were able to go outside onto their patio and eat your ice cream. We walked into the shop and I instantly began to shiver.  They must have had the AC set at sixty-two degrees, and yet it was ninety outside. I really didn’t want to sit outside where there wasn’t any air conditioning, but it was too cold inside.  We ordered our ice cream and tried to sit inside, but the air conditioning was brutal after a couple of minutes. We then headed outside, but our ice cream melted before we could eat it all.  When my friend called and told me the little shop had already shut down, I wasn’t surprised. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to sit in there with the thermostat set so low, and no one wanted to sit outside when it was ninety-five and one hundred out there, either.