We’re enjoying the cool air

Our best friends invited us to go to dinner with them, a couple of weeks ago.  They were celebrating his birthday, and we were all going to go out together. We were having a wonderful time, and we decided to forego dessert at the restaurant.  We had seen a quaint little ice cream shop around the corner, and thought that it would be fun to have an ice cream sundae for dessert. We walked the short distance, and the heat and humidity was horrible.  There was a small patio with tables and chairs, for the ice cream shop customers. When we got inside, it was really cool inside. The thermostat was probably set really low because of the ice cream, but I couldn’t believe the air conditioning needed to be set that low.  We watched as they mixed our preferred ice cream flavor, on the granite slab in front of us. It really was cool, but we opted to eat outside, because we were shivering from the extreme air conditioning. It was too hot outside, and our ice cream melted before it was gone.  The other day, my husband came home from work, and he said the ice cream shop was vacant. He wasn’t surprised and neither was I. They must have lost a lot of business because of the air conditioning inside. I can’t believe people would be coming in there to cool, and then want to sit outside in the heat.  There was just something wrong with their logic. The ice cream was marvelous but the AC was horrible.

A/C unit