It’s very cold at the hospital

Last year my father in law was pretty sick. He was in and out of the hospital a lot and so the whole family would take turns going down to the hospital to sit with him so he wouldn’t be lonely. If you’ve been in and out of hospitals because you were sick or needed surgery, or just to visit someone else, then you know how cold they tend to keep the temperatures inside the hospital rooms. It was no different in my father in law’s room. He had his own thermostat that he could set in his room, but it didn’t seem to work very well. He was on blood thinning medications, so he was very cold most of the time. His room was cold, too. Even though it was the middle of summer when I went to visit him, I would have to take a sweater with me because the air conditioning in the hospital room made the temperature almost unbearably cold. My father in law was constantly messing with the room’s thermostat and complaining to the nurses about the low temperature. He even asked for extra blankets and for heating pads to help combat the constantly running A/C. His nurses told him that the hospital administration keep the HVAC temperatures set very low because cold temperatures help to combat the spread of germs. I don’t know, though. I felt like my father in law might have gotten better quicker if he was warmer! I think they really needed to call a heating and air conditioning technician to check on the thermostat in those patient rooms, especially the room that my father in law was in.

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