Joking with my friend

I genuinely wish that my reptiles could realize just how spoiled they genuinely are, and I do everything for them! Whenever they need new toys, I’m getting them new toys. Then whenever they want to go out for a walk, I will ditch whatever I am doing at the moment and take my big lizards outside for a nice stroll around the backyard. But the thing that might have been over the top was the new hang out area I built them. This cool new outdoor area on my deck comes equipped with brand new dens, a big dog door for my lizards and a state of the art mini portable heating device built inside. This thing was not cheap at all. Most people would like to have a space heater of this quality installed in their master bedroom, let alone a lizard outdoor room. My dogs like to spend the majority of the day outside, even though they are babies about the cooling temperatures. They both are cold-blooded and really need to be warm all the time, so having that electric heater outside for them to appreciate when they need it is a sizable perk for them. I could pretend that it’s such a pain spoiling these lizards all the time, however the truth is I like to. My father said that I need to buy a new heating and air conditioning device for my car since it has been broken for close to 6 months, however why would I do that when I could use that money to spoil my big iguanas even more?

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