This is a bit worrisome

I hate to look get sick and take medicine, especially one that will help me sleep. Some medicines make me kinda hotter than normal as i take them. I try to avoid taking medicine whenever I will, but with two small kids I can’t afford to be sick for too long either. Sometimes I have to take the medicine, even though I’m sure it will just make me sweat. I hate being hot, especially when I am sick and frustrated. I am one of those that just likes to sleep while i am sick, but I am unable to usually because of my kids. Being a single mom will mean that when I am sick I have to do things that I prefer not to. I have to take sleeping cold medicine, that I know probably will make me sweat; and then I have to turn the heater up. I have to try to sweat out my fever to take out my cold ASAP. I don’t know what I would do without the smart thermometer, I can change the temperature without getting out of bed at all. I got it installed a few months ago and then shortly after I got sick, and I was so happy as i got sick and was able to turn up the heater free of leaving my bed. I would really recommend obtaining a smart thermometer to anyone I know, especially if they have kids and want to be comfortable when they get home from a long day at work.

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