Keeping a heater in the truck

Every year during apple picking season, my friends and I spend all weekend working at the orchard. We get paid really well, because it is so very cold outside. During apple picking season, the outdoor temperatures are frigid, cold, and sometimes frosty. In the morning, it’s not uncommon to find frost on the ground and tree leaves. Some mornings are freezing until the afternoon, especially with a thick lining of fog on the ground. My friends and I drive together, so we can save on gas. We bring a picnic lunch, and eat in the van during our lunch break. This is the only time that we have to warm up. Last season, Donnie started bringing a portable heater with us to the orchard. The portable heater plugs into the car charger. The van doesn’t have to be running either, so we don’t waste gas. It takes a few minutes to get warm, but we can take off our jackets and relax. We get an hour for our lunch break, so we have enough time to warm up and relax. The heater is big enough to provide us with ample warmth, but small enough that doesn’t take up much space in the van. We keep the heater in the truck all season, just in case the weather is cold. We even use the heater during hunting season. I’m surprised by the quality of the little heater. It wasn’t very expensive to purchase from the hardware store. Next year, I might get one of those heaters for my hunting tent. They also make battery operated heaters, which would be great for outdoor use.

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