Keeping the fireplace safe

Keeping your home safe and comfortable is one of the most crucial aspects of life there is. When it all boils down to it, the labor we do everyday is truly just to have a safe and comfortable living space! Fireplace service for those who have one is just one other way in which we do so. Personally, I enjoy having our fireplace; the comfortable worth and soothing noise of our fireplace is one of the few things I unquestionably enjoy about the colder weeks of the year. However, no matter how often you use your fireplace or how little, you need to make sure its cared for. I personally prefer to use our fireplace almost every night, especially when it drops below 30 degrees… Nights in the 20s have an extra chill to the air, and I prefer to use the fireplace to mitigate it so I can keep from turning up the central heater. Then since I use our fireplace often, I make sure to avoid burning anything that will create extra creosote buildup. This includes woods with lots of sap prefer pine, plus paper and cardboard. But plus once a week, I either burn a chimney sweep log or toss a chemical on the fire that has the same effect. This works to reduce the creosote buildup as well. On top of all of that, plus the basic ash removal every afternoon, I also make sure to have Heating & Air Conditioning service done for our fireplace at least once a year… My central heating company gives the chimney and flue a thorough cleaning so our home is consistently safe and sound.

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