Annual HVAC event:

Every year I look forward to the huge annual HVAC convention, however it usually moves from city to city each year. It is the largest industry trade show plus convention that HVAC professionals have. It is always absolutely informative, plus a great locale to network plus make more connections throughout the HVAC industry. It is also the largest gathering that I get to attend every year, multiple straight afternoons of HVAC service professionals getting away from their tasks plus family businesses letting their hair down. You might guess the those of us in HVAC are a straight laced bunch, and normally we pretty well are, just like any other professional setting. However, this convention is kind of like our Mardi Gras. It is the one time every year the Heating, Ventilation and A/C industry get totally ridiculous plus debaucherous! The drinks flow freely, and room parties in the upper suites are commonplace throughout the entire HVAC industry conference weekend. There are some people that don’t attend any of the seminars, or check out the upgrades to modern heating and ventilation and air conditioning technology being flaunted, they just enjoy the gathering. I like to strike more a balance between the two. I use the sunshine hours to meet more people in the heating and cooling industry. Then during the evening hours I get to know my fellow HVAC colleagues with music and cocktails … Every year I have a great time, get super drunk, usually meet a few interesting guys, plus still walk away with several fresh HVAC clients by the end of it. I absolutely wish the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry would have conventions 2 or 3 times a year, not just for my mental health but for the wonderful benefits it provides my HVAC business. It truly is heaven for an air filter saleswoman.

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