Last October we had strange weather

Ted Mavric is one of the nicest men you will ever meet.  He owns an immense portion of wooded land back West and he opens his land for a winter camp each year.   Ted even used his personal finances to build twenty log cabins throughout his beautiful property for the campers to stay in! My family and I go to winter camp each year.  It legitimately the is the best camp! There’s games, skiing, sledding, ice skating, and delicious professional cooked meals. Ted works really hard and does his best to prepare his land each year for all the campers that come to spend their winter break at his wonderful getaway. This past year, he added a new ice skating rink and a beautiful new dining hall. The first few nights of camp came and went without any issues and we had lots of fun. It wasn’t until the last Monday of the camp that we ran into some issues. The cooks woke up that afternoon to find the brand new dining hall without any heat. My husband owns a Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, and he offered to take a look at the gas furnace.   After his inspection, he asked if the gas furnace was a brand new, and Ted told him that it wasn’t but that they had bought it from a close friend. Unfortunately, the gas furnace was not in as fantastic shape as the previous owner had stated, and a new gas furnace needed to be bought. Everyone knew that Ted had already spent so much of his own cash on the camp and wasn’t charging the campers anything to say there, so we all decided to take up a collection in order to purchase a new gas furnace.. At the end we had enough money to buy the mess hall had a brand new gas furnace. It was a great way for the campers to show Ted just how much both of us care about him.

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